Minnie and Nannie are a pair of characters that originated in Episode 202: H.H. Holmes Part III.

Origins Edit

Historically, Minnie R. Williams was a wealthy land heiress who "didn't seem to know a great deal," according to those who knew her in life. Minnie met and married serial killer H.H. Holmes, who pursued her in order to gain access to her land. Nannie Williams was Minnie's sister. Holmes invited both women to his Murder Castle for a week of frivolities at the World's Fair in 1893. At the end of this week, both sisters were murdered by being locked into Holmes' airproof bank vault and slowly suffocated. Holmes murdered Minnie first, then removed her body from the vault before luring in Nannie.

Personalities Edit

Upon reading the description of Minnie's alleged (lack of) intelligence, the LPOTL crew immediately personified her as a good-hearted if dumb woman who introduced herself with a hoarse, cheerful "Hi! I'm Minnie!" Nannie gained a similar voice, personality, and vocabulary when she was introduced to the story, and the two characters soon became capable of little more than constantly introducing themselves and each other, to the point where the crew begin to suspect that Holmes murdered them less for their land and more to shut them up. The characters and their voices are described in the broadcast as "truly obnoxious" and the hosts expressed sympathy for Holmes having to tolerate the pair.

Appearances Edit

The ladies originally appeared in Episode 202: H.H. Holmes Part III. They reappeared briefly as a pair of lively ghosts in Episode 240: The Black Monk of Pontefract.

Quotes Edit

Minnie: "Hi! I'm Minnie!"
Nannie: "Hi! I'm Nannie! This is Minnie!"

Nannie: "Is there something wrong, Henry? I'm Nannie!"
H.H. Holmes: "No, there's nothing wrong, Nannie, I've just got a bit of tension headache. I think my top hat's on a bit too tight..."

Minnie: "Hi! I'm Minnie! You love me! And this is my sister, Nannie!"

Ben: "This was where he was really the victim. This was a tough week for H.H."