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The Home of the LPOTL Hive Mind Edit

The hysterical weekly podcast from Cave Comedy Radio, NYC - with Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and "Unpredictable" Henry Zebrowski. True crime, the paranormal and horror comedy brightening up every Wednesday worldwide. Except when the server crashes. The name is a reference to the 1972 horror movie "The Last House on the Left".


Episode 001: The First!

Episode 002: Demonology

Episode 003: Serial Killers

Episode 004: Cults

Episode 005: Sightings

Episode 006: Nazi Party

Episode 007: Vampires

Episode 008: The End of the World

Episode 009: Ghosts!

Episode 010: Live at the Cave Comedy Radio Launch Party!

Episode 011: Exorcisms!

Episode 012: The Psychic Journey

Episode 027: Torture

Episode 033: Suicide Notes

Episode 089: The Vile Vortices

Episode 162: Hollow Moon

Episode 163: Axe Murders

The Stars of Our ShowEdit

Ben Kissel

Marcus Parks

Henry Zebrowski

Comedy Character ClassicsEdit

Detective Popcorn

Hong Kong Henry Zebrowski

Klaxar the Alien

Slippety Slap Spring-heeled Jack

Fan ArtEdit